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Chizu-Saeki method
facial and decollete beauty treatment 150min/20,000yen
First trial price…18,000yen
The salon offers the same treatment as the one in Ginza salon.
It is supreme original treatment based on Chizu-Saeki beauty theory and method to make the skin beautiful. Please experience the treatment for your face and decollete all by hand. The treatment to work on mimic muscle and the flow of lymph warms the body and improves blood circulation, and then the moisture, the texture, the elasticity, the shine and the transparence of your skin will dramatically improve after the treatment. The handling skill designed for skin brings you the happiest moment.
<The flow of treatment>
Cleansing → Facial scrub → Suction → Patter → Lotion facial mask → Decollete treatment → Facial treatment → Spray → Peltier → Conditioning
     The face is steamed to open up the pores. The makeup and blot are taken off by cleansing cream. That will start first from the eyes and the mouth, and next, the whole face is cleaned.  
     The bubbles of fine texture with scrubs gently exfoliate accumulation of dead skin cells and pore-clogging debris.  
     After the suction of pore-clogging sebum by glass tube, a comfortable patter of air pressure makes the flow of face's and neck's lymph smooth.  
     Facial mask with plenty of lotion applied on cotton soaks your skin with a lot of moisture and brings elasticity to your skin.  
     Massage of the neck, the shoulder and the blade bone promote the flow of lymph from the neck to the chest and evacuate waste matter. Therefore, the flow of blood is facilitated and stiff shoulder is eased.  
     Careful massage to prompt the lymph of face, nerve, blood and muscle makes skin physiology smooth and revitalizes the skin.  
     Massage provides sedation to activated skin. Water massage is performed along muscle flow by fine mist spray. After that, ice-cold peltier penetrates lotion into the skin and close the pores.  
    Beauty essence provides nutrients to the skin and beauty cream maintains skin moisture and nutrients. Pursuant to your request, sun-block cream will be offered.  
*Please note:
・ The time written on the menu page is for only treatment. It is not including counseling and change of
・ We have a procedure to improve the flow of lymph, therefore, if you have chronic disease, or you are
   visiting the hospital or you take medicine, please talk to your doctor.
・ We will be asked to put out your contact lenses during treatment, so please bring your own lenses case.
・ We will wear a sunscreen after treatment if you like. When you wish to get your makeup on, please bring
   your own cosmetics.
Body Treatment 120min/15,000yen
It is total body massage with aroma oil along the flow of lymph in accordance with your condition. As a result, it removes fatigue and swelling. After treatment, you will relieve entire body and feel refreshed.
<The flow of treatment>
Sole→Back→Legs→Arms→Stomach→Decollete part
*We have other treatments as an optional extra. Please feel free to ask.
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