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Protection and handling of personal information

Rouge de Porte ASKA (hereinafter called "We") emphasizes privacy policy and protects customers' personal information as stated below.
We collect the following personal information after taking measures to safeguard it.
Name, prefecture code, address, telephone number, occupation, e-mail address, etc.
The contents you filled out the application and the changed contents you reported
after submitting the application.
Answer for the questionnaire you filled in.
We never collect and use customers' personal information without prior consent.
The personal information you provided will be used within the scope of the following purposes.
1) Making contact with seminar participants
2) Making contact with salon customers
3) Confirming for proof of identity according to law
4) Improving offering the valuable products and services for customers
5) Having to contact customers for any reason
* The personal information you provided will be used for the purpose of shipment, delivery of announcement, delivery of requisition and contact with customers. We consider that you will agree with the utilization purpose.
If we entrust the handling of personal information to any third party, we will strictly
investigate the relevant third party and supervise them to keep confidential any information. All customers' personal information, applications for seminar and any services will never be offered and never be sold to outside organizations. The personal information you provided will never be disclosed and offered to any third party without customers' consent except for the following cases.
1) In the case of entrusting correspondence for questions about the products and the services we provide, acceptance of application, shipment of mail, entry into event and necessary survey at our occupation to other companies. (In this instance, we will make a nondisclosure agreement.)
2) In the case of ordering by decree.
3) In the case of needing to protect customers' and public profit.
We have a chief administrator for management of personal information, construct
management system under the administrator and try various expedients reasonably and fairly to prevent illegal access to personal information, loss of data, leak, etc.
Compliance with a regulation
We observe the decree of personal information and other standards, and try to improve continually the structure of personal information protection.
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